How to Clean your Love, Ellison Jewelry 

Our jewelry goes with almost anything. We hate to take off our favorite items. If you want to keep your styles looking good, keep reading for some best in practice. 

Determine whether they are gold-plated or gold-filled is very important. For a Love, Ellison piece, this is easy: just reference the specific item description on our website. Once you know what kind of composition you’re working with, follow the recommended cleaning tips below. 


When it comes to sprucing up your gold-plated styles, less is more. All you need is a soft, plain cloth or cotton ball. Gently rub the cloth across the surface of the jewelry to remove any surface debris. 

Whatever you do, stay away from water, detergent, and polishing clothes — the latter of which typically feature tarnish removers and other polishing agents that can strip away the plating. 

As always, make sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing it.


For cleaning gold-filled pieces, it's recommend using a jewelry, microfiber cloth. Again, you’ll want to gently rub across the surface until the surface debris has been removed.  If your gold-filled jewelry needs a little more love, you may occasionally use a mild soap and soft cloth to gently clean.   


Doesn't require much in terms of daily maintenance, but similar to gold-plated will from time to time require cleaning. Follow the same instructions with rhodium-plated as gold-plated.