Love, Ellison came out of the Ellison Legacy Foundation’s need for ongoing fund raising efforts. The Ellison Legacy Foundation began after Ellison passed away from AML. The style inspiration came from Ellison’s love to support animal conservation and her love of dressing up.
Parents support their children growing up financially, however we are no longer able to do that. While we can no longer support her physically on this Earthly side, we have chosen to support her dreams. We have made the choice to fund this as if we were supporting her here on Earth. So that every penny that comes in is donated straight to conservation efforts.
All of the proceeds from the sells at Love, Ellison go directly to the Ellison Legacy Foundation. Similarly all donations to the Ellison Legacy Foundation go directly to African Elephant conservation efforts. Sign up for our Foundation newsletter or learn more about it at
The Ellison Legacy Foundation supports the following organizations, click their logo to read more about them: